Daniel Goodwin - The Immigrant

The first of our line to immigrate here, Daniel Goodwin of Yoxford, Suffolk County, England, came to America some time before 1652. It is known that he ran an inn in Kittery, Maine, in 1652.

Daniel has been well covered in pamphlets, books, and articles. Some of these are listed below:

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Daniel's great-grandson, Nathan Goodwin (b. ??, died 15 July 1832), settled in Argyle, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, probably about the time of the Revolutionary War (it was at this time that a lot of Loyalists moved to Nova Scotia). Two of Nathan's brothers, Noah and Henry, preceded him to Nova Scotia some time before 1752; however, it is from Nathan that our branch of the Nova Scotia Goodwins descended.

The first Goodwin for which we have any photographic record is Edward Goodwin, the great-great grandson of Nathan Goodwin and the fifth great-grandson of Daniel Goodwin the immigrant.

See Edward.